Digital solutions for Latin America and the US
Functional connection

User Experience Design (UX)

Our solutions and designs are always aimed at creating the best possible experience for the user or final target audience.

These processes are key to the overall and sustained success of a product, platform, or system.

We empathize with the user to achieve that experience is perfect. Understanding what you are looking for and what is best to then implement it and create an interface that is attractive, simple, intuitive, and useful is our guarantee.

How we work

Design is a process, not a methodology


Everything starts with research, understanding, and empathy with the user. Based on the resources provided or collected at this stage, we can begin to understand where to go next.


You begin to do iterations, brainstorming, project alternatives, work on blackboards, and everything that contributes to forming the wire fences or wifreames, as well as the different types of prototypes.


Once the concepts have been evaluated and approved, the documentation and the necessary user interface elements are delivered, either in low resolution or perfect pixel, together with the library of graphic assets and parameters for development.

Expert team

Modern tools

Agile Methodology

Agile Scrum – We encourage teamwork, focusing all efforts on achieving a common goal.

Wireframes and Prototypes

Basic and Advanced

Balsamiq Mockup, Whimsical, Justinmind and Axure

Herramientas para wireframes y prototipos

Design and Interaction

Creative and Functional

Sketch, Figma, Principle, Protopie and Flinto

Herramientas para diseño UI y prototipos.

Guides and Guidelines

Info for engineers and developers

Zeplin, InVision, Adobe XD and Sketch Cloud

Herramientas para prototipos y trabajo de diseño en equipo.