Hispanic Hub Llc.

Fast, low and high fidelity

Flowcharts, Wireframes, and Interactive Mockups

We export the prototypes in HTML (ideal for documenting operation and for carrying out user tests), or in a PDF / Word document that includes, in addition to the designed interfaces, all the annotations made on the operation of each page, module, or component.

Best collaboration

Present and evaluate your project being in the same context instead of having conflicting perspectives


We show the organization of the project, separating it into the main sections or modules and adding essential interaction, usually in a static way, known as a "clickable prototype."The design is shown in white and grayscale, and the visual is not considered, simply the structure; all content is false and temporary.


The end result is high fidelity mockups. It shows how the final product would look, except for the interactions, which are still limited.In this stage we include the visual details such as the type of typography, the exact colors, the final content and the space that each element will occupy.

High Fidelity

These prototypes already include interactions and workflows that simulate complex actions as well as dynamic input, all as close as possible to the final, real version of the product.

Take your concept to the next level.
Feel the experience
like the final product.